From the Channel: 5 Reasons Why Expansion is Necessary For Manifestation


Perspective is everything, and sometimes all it takes to create a new habit is the simple awareness of the old one. Once we ‘see’ a pattern playing out in our life, it’s impossible to un-see it. Awareness of our self is the first step, to getting out of our own way. Self awareness is a tool to help unblock anything stopping us from where we want to go. Once we can see our own patterns, conditionings and neural loops playing out, we can take action to stop them. This process of clearing the neural loops allows space for new ones. This space is where we have the opportunity to expand what we know to be true for us.

Expansion is necessary for showing our subconscious mind to find new patterns that are possible. From our limited perspective, often what we know to be true is only limited by what we have seen displayed to us. Have you heard the term ‘you are the combination of the top 5 people you surround yourself with’? This is because our own growth and expansion is subconsciously matched to the way these people behave. We subconsciously mimic behaviours of those we are surrounded with. Our tribe reflect back and mirror own beliefs and behaviours, which continue to reinforce our own ways of being.

Until we are exposed to another way of behaving, either through stimulus or mental projections, we allow our subconscious patterns to play out by default. It is often not until our patterns are challenged that we are expanded into a new way of believing or behaving. Expanders can come in two forms; limiting (reducing self worth) or expanding (enhancing self worth). We have all experienced both. Limiting (reducers) are influences that show us a smaller way of showing up, that generally have a negative effect on our self worth, i.e. create dependency, lack, fear or judgement. They can be influences that we are exposed to through people, social media, TV, or lack of self worth that we match our own worth with.

Whereas expansive influences are positive influences that can be inspirational, aspirational, role models, vision holders, or expand us into a new paradigm of believing . Expanders act as a subconscious mirror of what we also have the opportunity to create, if we believe we are worthy of this reality too. Expanders don’t need to be big celebrities or well known figures, they are anybody that expands you beyond current beliefs. They can simply be a co-worker that shows you it is possible to lose 10kg in 6 weeks, or shows you it is possible to save for a deposit on a house on the same income as you. Or it could be an old school mate you bump into, who tells you they have started their own business on $500 savings. Anyone who expands your reality into a new way of believing.

Here are a few of my expanders recently:

  • A friend recently told me her story about how she met her soul mate on a dating app, after declaring to the universe that she was ready to meet ‘the one’. She knew when she saw his picture that he was going to be the one. She is now engaged to him. This expanded me in to believing that you can meet ‘the one’ online.

  • I recently visited a friend in his glamorous new apartment on the waterfront. He told me the story of how it wasn’t even available to rent, but he bumped into the landlord whilst on a walk around the harbour and they got talking - he now rents it to him $500/month under market value. He expanded me into believing you can have a beautiful apartment without the huge pricetag. He also expanded me into seeing that he felt worthy of living in luxury, so that is what he attracted, at a price he could afford.

  • A friend restructured her business, she initially took a huge pay cut, and a leap of faith, and a year later she is now earning 3 times the amount that she was previously. She trusted her gut and with patience and determination, it has now worked in her favour. This expanded me in to seeing that it is possible to go backwards in order to move forwards again, when you commit to the right path. She also expanded my belief in faith and trust.

Expanders not only allow us to see a new way of believing, it also shows our subconscious that there’s a better option. If you believe it to be true, and you are worthy of also calling in that dream, then things will align for you. When your energy is aligned with your manifestation then the universe will find a way to create that opportunity for you.

Self worth + belief + expansion is the equation for allowing manifestations to naturally come through. Expanders can come through magazines, travel, people watching, pinterest, speaking and introducing yourself to new people, networking events, concerts and so much more. Anything that allows your energy to align with the energy of your manifestation. We have to see it and feel it to believe it.

Love, Olivia