From the moment the experience began, I felt so nurtured and cared for. Olivia has a gentle and grounded presence that makes you feel so safe and comfortable. The reiki felt so warm and the channelled messages were incredibly validating. I have never felt so well explained from inside out. Olivia was able to tap into the way I view the world and she totally captured the essence of my soul in a way I have never experienced before!
— Hannah C - October 2019
Liv’s Reiki session hit every spot for me, she held space for me while we talked, she gave me guidance that helped to confirm my own and showing how tapped in she really is, we talked in such a way that I felt seen. And then of course the reiki - I could feel the warmth and energy work and it was absolute bliss. I’m already looking forward to my next session.
— Jess C - September 2019
Olivia creates a deep and healing reiki experience with her wonderfully calming presence and a beautiful inclusion of meditation and sound healing. I left feeling renewed and grounded. I can’t recommend her enough and can’t wait to be back!
— Eva - September 2019
Thank you so much for having me again today. I walked away feeling like a new woman instantly! I feel so affirmed and validated about everything that’s going on for me at the moment, and I know I’m on the right path. So much love to and for you
— Biddy - August, 2019
I can’t begin to describe my session this morning! I felt so much energy! You are so amazing. It went too quickly, I should have booked the 90 minute. I feel really good right now and excited for the new chapter.
— Krissy, August 2019
Thank you so much again for today, it was such a powerful experience and I took away so much from it! The messages that came through were so spot on and gave me so much comfort in knowing that I am supported! It shows that this is really your passion, you are amazing and I felt so comfortable and held with you.
— Tyla, August 2019
I just wanted to say thank you so much for a beautiful session yesterday. It was exactly what I needed even though I didn’t realise it at the time. I am definitely keen to come back again in a month or so. Thanks so much again
— Amelia, July 2019
Olivia, thank you so much for this afternoon. It was amazing how you could see, sense and feel what I needed and where I needed it. My vibration has been low for too long and I can feel a shift already. I’ll be back for sure.
— Courtney, July 2019
Olivia has the most beautiful presence and energy about her. She has the ability to make you feel instantly calm, and at ease. My reiki session with her was pure bliss, in her beautifully curated space, and she offered me some incredible insights. I left feeling healed, relaxed and at peace with these effects lasting well beyond the session. I will definitely be back to see Olivia - thank you!! 💗
— Biddy, July 2019
I absolutely loved my session with Olivia. It was relaxing, grounding and just what I needed. Olivia has an obvious gift, I would highly recommend experiencing it for yourself!
— Daisy - June 2019
I had my first ever hands on reiki session with Olivia and it exceeder all my expectations (even though I tried not to have any!). Her intuition and warmth immediately put me at ease, and her insight was spot on. I couldn’t believe some of what she was saying and I left with a clear head and relaxed, ready to tackle what was laid out for me. Olivia has a true gift with energy and caring approach, I would highly recommend anyone wanting to give reiki a try to visit Olivia.
— Sunshine, April 2019
Olivia has an amazing gift, and I couldn’t recommend a Reiki session with her enough. I felt an immediate sense of ease as I entered her beautiful space, and my expectations were only exceeded as we spent more time together. I left feeling relaxed and inspired – can’t wait to meet again!
— Jess - June 2019
Olivia is gorgeous and kind her warm personality automatically puts you at ease. The intuitive work she is doing is inspiring, she is an absolute gem and the care she provides is something special that you must experience ✨
— Tarn - June 2019
Every reiki session I’ve had with Olivia has been exceptionally profound . Olivia is warm, kind, intuitive and just the kind of person to do such personal body work. I always feel safe and nurtured around her, I feel so lucky to have met Olivia and have her as a practitioner. Absolutely adore this special woman.
— Mary, March 2019
From the moment you meet Olivia you will feel the warmth and calmness. It’s hard to know what to expect when you go for her session first time, but as soon as you lie down and close your eyes, you’ll feel it. You know that she’s got a gift and that she’s there for you, to help you, to guide you to make you feel your best. During the session I felt so many different sensations depending on the different areas of my body she worked on, but overall I felt calm and peaceful. After she finished and we sat down for a chat, Magic continued as she was spot on with what she felt during the session, what was happening for me and what I needed in my future journey. I felt blessed to meet Olivia, the connection was real, nothing fake there, and I will be coming back for more,over and over again.
— Petra, May 2019
My reiki session with Olivia was so soothing, nurturing and relaxing. She shared amazing insights with me after healing that were so incredibly aligned with where I was at the time - quite amazing what she is able to pick up and channel! It felt truly healing and I left feeling truly seen, held and stronger. I’ll definitely be adding Olivia’s reiki to my regular self-care practice!
— Beatrice, May 2019