5 Powerful Journalling Prompts for the Aquarius Full Moon

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Our bodies are designed to live in sync with nature. With the tides, lunar cycles, seasons, plants and body. We are inherently designed to be in sync with the cycles and rhythms of the earth. When we separate ourselves from the naturally occurring cycles, we experience separation from ourselves and it can create create feelings of flatness, numbness, lethargy, anxiety or depression.

I believe connecting with the lunar cycles not only allows us to connect back in with the rhythms of the earth, it gives us an opportunity to connect back with ourselves. We have an innate wisdom within when we listen to ourselves and connect back in. We can amplify the benefits of the Full Moon for personal growth, purging stored emotions and harnessing manifestation energy. It also allows you to create a deeper relationship to yourself and what you really want.

Before starting these journalling prompts, choose a quiet, sacred space, light a candle, gather your crystals, and choose a short meditation to connect in. Even just 5 minutes of conscious breathing can really help take your journalling to the next level.

Journalling is a form of channelling, when we flow from our heart without judgement, it can be quite profound what comes out. Let yourself write and free-flow. I can be very cathartic and healing to honour your own deep emotions, sometimes you don’t know how much needs to come through.

Full Moon Journalling Prompts

  1. What is this full moon shedding light on, and bringing up for me right now?

  2. What are the lessons being learned from this?

  3. What would I like to release/let go from these lessons?

  4. What are these lessons guiding me to?

  5. What am I manifesting/calling in?

I am doing these journalling prompts with some friends tonight. You can create a full moon journalling circle and share your answers, or you can do it alone.

Share with me what you get out of these, and notice your manifestations unfold over the next lunar cycle,

Love, Olivia x