Ep 4: Dani Robinson - From the Bachelor to Business Woman and everything in between

Dani Robinson
  • Dani’s childhood, growing up across 2 countires

  • Dani’s experience being on Season 1 of the Bachelor and being runner up

  • Losing a best friend at 16 years old to mental health and dealing with PTSD

  • Life after the TV series

  • Navigating pain and anxiety and the benefits of NLP and talk therapy

  • How she pulls herself out of a rut and relieves stress

  • What type of self care tools are important to her

  • The benefits of cold water immersion

  • How she has found a way to speed the healing process

  • Biohacking techniques she loves

  • Her food philosophy and how she has found balance

  • The importance of maintaining healthy energy

  • Self care beliefs

  • Spiritual beliefs around afterlife, reincarnation energy beyond physical, synchronicities, coincidences

  • How she uses intuition to guide her day and the effects of energy

  • Her advice for creating positive habits and change on a daily basis

  • What she does to help her make better decisions

  • How to create a positive mental and emotional environment

  • How to create a life that aligns with morals and within boundaries


Element Health - Ice Bath immersion
Kangen Water Machine