Coming soon: EP 5: Beatrice Thorne - Women's Hormone Expert on the pill, body image, growth and manifesting her dream partner

Beatrice Thorne is a Hormone Expert and head of Eve Health, is on the Senior Management team at Be Pure, and shares her wisdom on women’s health from body image, self care, health, the effect of stress on the body, the balance of health and modern day lives, and lots more juicy goodness.

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Ep 4: Dani Robinson - From the Bachelor to Business Woman and everything in between

Dani Robinson
  • Dani’s childhood, growing up across 2 countires

  • Dani’s experience being on Season 1 of the Bachelor and being runner up

  • Losing a best friend at 16 years old to mental health and dealing with PTSD

  • Life after the TV series

  • Navigating pain and anxiety and the benefits of NLP and talk therapy

  • How she pulls herself out of a rut and relieves stress

  • What type of self care tools are important to her

  • The benefits of cold water immersion

  • How she has found a way to speed the healing process

  • Biohacking techniques she loves

  • Her food philosophy and how she has found balance

  • The importance of maintaining healthy energy

  • Self care beliefs

  • Spiritual beliefs around afterlife, reincarnation energy beyond physical, synchronicities, coincidences

  • How she uses intuition to guide her day and the effects of energy

  • Her advice for creating positive habits and change on a daily basis

  • What she does to help her make better decisions

  • How to create a positive mental and emotional environment

  • How to create a life that aligns with morals and within boundaries


Element Health - Ice Bath immersion
Kangen Water Machine

EP 3: Daisy Moore - Overcoming Fear & How Self Worth Changed Her Life

In this inspiring episode, Olivia talks with Life Coach Daisy Moore on experiencing loss at a young age, how she took huge leaps of faith and overcame hurdles to create her dream business, dream life and dream partner. Daisy discusses important tools, techniques and philosophies that has allowed her to grow and manifest.

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