EP 2: Azul - L.A Healer, Musician and how Plant Medicine changed the trajectory of her life

Azul Faucher

Azul Faucher


  • Growing up in an alternative upbringing with biracial parents meant Azul had a colourful upbringing

  • She rebelled in her early years, and found music as her way to express

  • How her identity struggle was confronting and asked her some serious questions about who she really was

  • Losing her Father at 24 years old, and the process of grief

  • How taking plant medicine in Costa Rica (ayahuasca) changed her life and gave her strength, purpose, and showed her the importance of service

  • How she uses visions in her healing sessions, and where she learned the healing techniques from her journey with Ayahuasca

  • How breaking up with her fiance led her to living in NZ without a plan

  • Signing with a NZ record label

  • Navigating fear

  • Self care techniques to cultivate self awareness

  • How she uses ‘symbols’ in her minds eye to heal

  • The importance of structure in order to expand and as a form of self care

  • Skin Mask Recipe: Azul’s Natural Face Mask: Bentonite Clay, Charocal, Apple Cider Vinegar

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Instagram @azvl.azvl
Brthe Space
Sala Studio - Ponsonby
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