Ep 1: Sunniva Holt: NZ self made millionaire on beating fear, releasing the power of shame and re-writing your life the way you intend it to be

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  • Growing up homeschooled with a Christian upbringing in South Island, NZ

  • How she bought a property at 19 years old

  • Navigating Rockbottoms and tools on how to overcome shame

  • How personal development has been pivotal in career choices

  • What being a Mum has taught her about self love

  • How to use fear to your advantage

  • What self care rituals help create dream day

  • Why space and intention is important

Show notes:
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Clarity Workbook: 55 Journalling Prompts for Creating your Dream Life
Sunniva Holt Website, Instagram
Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now