From the Channel: 3 Universal Manifestation Truths

Within the source energy field is a shared abundant, limitless supply of wisdom and creative energy. The more we allow this energy to flow into our life, the more empowered we become.

Coincidences, intuitive nudges, and alignments increase as we allow and open space for this universal energy to guide us. In every moment we have the opportunity to ask this inner wisdom what our next step is. The more we surrender to this energy and let it into our life, we are able to let go of control, expectations and allow things to align as the universe intends.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need to work towards our goals, or take action steps to create change. It means trusting intuition and taking aligned action. There’s a difference between surrendering to our path and having complete faith that our true desires will manifest, to no longer taking action to understand ourselves deeper.

This process of uncovering who we really are means letting go of ego, personal or societal expectations and trusting we will be supported when we take that leap of faith toward what we truly desire. It means feeling the fear, and stepping into the unknown, even though there isn’t a clear plan available to us yet. Taking the first step into the unknown is the start of trusting that the universal laws will support and guide us along the way. The first step is the hardest part, but it is the most important thing you can do to honouring your purpose and achieving your dreams.

1. We all vibrate pure, magnetic source energy

We all vibrate pure energy and this energy is able to be manipulated and transformed by the energy of our lives, our environment, the people surrounding us, our beliefs: about ourselves and others. The energy that we emit will continue to attract further identical energies like a magnet. Situations, people and inner dialogue will continue to be the same until we change our energy and beliefs around something.

Please note that it is not our thoughts that attract identical energies. It is our vibration, which is made up of a combination of repetitive thoughts, patterns, beliefs, food, lifestyle and personal actions that accumulate in our energy field. Therefore, if we have a negative thought, we are not going to attract that situation. For example, if you are parking your car in a pay and display carpark, and a thought pops into your mind that you may get a parking ticket - this does not mean that thought will potentially ‘jinx’ or attract that situation.

Our total neutral vibration (i.e. sleep) is made up of energy that comes from a collection of repetitive, collective thoughts, emotions, subconscious patterns, beliefs and physical energy. Our vibration is affected by not just intangible energy, but also tangible energy like food, water, body products, chemicals and nature.

2. Our subconscious belief system creates our reality

Our upbringing, experiences and mental conditioning stores energetic memories in our body and subconscious mind, which can recreate and repeat patterns while are unaware of them. We can clear these patterns by using the tools I share here in this article 8 Ways To Reprogram Subconscious Beliefs.

Once we understand where our mental conditioning and patterning comes from, we start to understand and make connections as to why things have happened in our life, and how we can create positive change going forward. Re-wiring our subconscious patterns to create new ones that reflect where we are going, is this most effective way to create positive change. Once we do this, we subconsciously create a new paradigm without even realising.

3. Our self worth = our ability to manifest

Our self worth is our core belief that we deserve something. It affects our level of vibration and ability to manifest what we truly desire. As we rewrite and clear blocks, eliminate limiting beliefs and show our subconscious mind that we deserve more, we increase our capacity to expand and hold new vibrations. We can expand our self worth by exposing our subconscious mind to visualisations of our ‘highest self’. Our highest self is the ‘you’ that is whole, unaffected by conditionings or limiting beliefs, and is completely safe and supported. Ask yourself the following;

  • What does my highest self wear, where does she go, how does she show up?

  • How does my highest self feel when she wakes up in the morning? What is her morning ritual?

  • What would my highest self do in this moment?

Create a list and a vision board to refer back to of your highest self, when stuck in a rut. It is normal to become disconnected from ourselves from time to time. Come back to your highest self with tenderness, and gently ask her to remind you how to come back. This could be lying down, nature walk, mirror work, a bath.

We are being divinely guided at all times

What does it look like for you to have an intuitive nudge? A gut feeling? Ask your intuition what is right for you, when you need some extra assistance. Source wisdom is available to us at all times. Feel into what is coming forward and asking you to listen to. There are always messages coming through.