5 ways to raise your vibration, ASAP

High vibration
  • Kaphalbati breathing (or breath of fire) a very quick way to increase oxygen in the body and brain. It brings energy and clarity back when you are feeling low or depleted. Learn how to here

  • Write a list of all the people you care deeply about. List what you love about them. Send them a message. For example, “Hey Jan. I really love that you believe in me and encourage me to pursue my dreams. Thank you for listening to me and knowing what to say.”

  • Allowing: Sit in a quiet room and say the first word that pops into your head. Then the second. It could be completely random i.e. “truck. Banana. Washing machine. Magazine”. Eventually you will fall into a rhythm of one word that reminds you of the next word. As you think about it less, you allow your mind to bring forward whatever it needs to release and declutter. When I do this I often fall into a trance of channelling and it can sometimes lead to purging stored emotions. Let whatever come up to be released and release an judgement or attachment. You can continute for 3-5 minutes or until you feel finished. You should feel lighter like you have released weight.

  • Visualise an exciting scenario. I often do this before I go to sleep. I imagine myself in a scenario where I am achieving an exciting goal. I imagine what I am wearing, who is there, what I am doing and how I am feeling. It is a great way to tap into creative energy and build worthiness around our dreams (especially before dream phase).

  • (okay here’s an extra 10 ways, cause I love you) Light some incense, a candle, take a bath, lie down and place your hands over your heart, use essential oils, sing, dance, walk in nature, breathe into your belly, call your best friend.