6 ways to Access your Higher Self


I wanted to write this article, just as much for myself as for you. It started as a list in my journal a few months ago as a way to remind myself how to tap back in when I feel disconnected.

Essentially your higher self is the ‘intuitive self’ that always wants the best for you in every situation. It’s like the supportive, unconditionally loving mum on the sidelines of the football match, shaking pom poms and believing in you, even when you score a goal for the wrong team - she is still cheering. Your highest self has been with you since birth, knows where you are going, where you have been, and will give you little nudges (pings, intuition, gut feelings) along the way. Your highest self offers guidance along the way, but will never explicitly tell you what to do, simply suggest. She will also still be there when you resist gut feelings or choose a path that is unaligned with your highest self. The more in tune you are with your higher self, the stronger your trust in her and the messages become. When you are ‘in tune’, you are in effortless synchronicity with her, and things flow.

We are all co-creating with the universal energies and we all can manifest whatever we want. We have the power to choose our destiny, regardless of whether or not we listen to our highest self. We can choose to manifest from a place of misalignment i.e. greed, pain or fear. If we consistently make decisions based on fear, we begin to feel an inner feeling of discomfort, like something is not sitting right. Sometimes it is hard to put our finger on what it is exactly that is causing this unsettling feeling, and it often becomes buried amongst other daily stressors. Over time those feelings begin to accumulate, and it becomes easier to numb or escape with quick fixes i.e. food, drugs, alcohol, sex, social media etc.

It sometimes takes reaching ‘rockbottom’ to step back and take a real look at what it causing these feelings of frustration, anxiety or disconnectedness. It often can be traced back to making decisions in our life that were built on lack, fear or insecurity. The good news is, these experiences bring massive learnings - and I believe we sometimes have to hit ‘rockbottom’ in order to step back and create the fulfilling life we really want and deserve.

Here are 5 ways to tap into and build a deeper connection with your higher self:

  1. Sit in silence, and notice what comes up
    Instead of reaching for your phone, heading for the fridge, or turning on TV, ask yourself: what could I be doing instead that would benefit my highest self? Maybe its something creative, a beach walk, a present conversation with a loved one.

  2. Ask yourself, what would my highest self do in this moment?
    If you weren’t afraid, if you trusted yourself and that everything will work out, what would you do?

  3. Follow the nudges, ‘pings’, gut feelings
    The more you build a connection with your higher self, the more you notice the subtleties and messages that are constantly being provided.

  4. Reflect on times where there were clear signs you were heading in the wrong direction but you chose to ignore it
    Build your trust muscle by seeing in hindsight, how you have always been receiving guidance. What did it look like for you? How did you recieve that intuition?

  5. Yin or Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra or Meditation
    Forming a relationship with your highest self is a form of self care. It is a life long commitment and is a daily practice. Yoga and mediation are both ways of strengthening this relationship on a daily basis and is a form of accountability to stay connected to your truth.

  6. Have a date with your highest self
    What would your best self say, do, wear, where would he/she go? Spend some time planning a date with your highest self and notice if it is different to the way you are currently operate.

I believe we have to ‘stray’ from alignment to remember the importance of staying true to our selves. Sometimes it is harder than others, so these tools are for helping us return home when we become lost.

Love, Olivia