Olivia Scott

Hey there, thanks for visiting Love By Olivia.

As a child I often used my hands to help heal friends and family members aches and pains. I didn’t realise it would become a career for me until I witnessed the positive effects my close ones were having. I spent time in India and Bali learning ancient spiritual tools and experienced the profound effect of deep energy healings. I began practicing Reiki on clients in 2017 after doing my training in Auckland. I now combine Reiki with my own intuitive gifts to help my client’s healing experience.

I started my career in wellness in 2013 when I started a raw food company at age 20. I grew this company to 2 busy retail stores in Auckland and published an internationally sold raw food cookbook in 2016. I sold this company in early 2019, and continued to pursue my Reiki practice.

I have always believed strongly in the power of healing through natural remedies, organic plants, and self care. I am passionate about helping people build a deeper connection to themselves.

I believe that we are beautiful and whole exactly as we are, but sometimes we fall out of touch and forget that. I believe energy healing is a way for us to connect back to ourselves, to realise our true potential and know that we are always safe and loved unconditionally.